The ups and downs of a yogini

Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.  [Travis Bark]

I’m tried to cram as much as I could into my two day visit into Singapore (Sentosa Island) and as you can see I was busy. There was the Butterfly Exhibit, Mega Zip, Aquarium, Cable car and Luge. I loved the Mega Zip; it was exhilarating. It’s similar to a flying fox and the view was exceptional. All I wanted to do was flying yoga! Yeeehaaa!

Talk about coming back down to earth with a thud. I arrived back in Bali to Ubud only to find the accommodation I had booked weeks ago, had been double-booked and was not available. This was really upsetting for me because I had chosen the accommodation because of its proximity to my course. I was taken to alternative accommodation but had no idea where I was and how to get to my course. So yesterday I took myself for a walk to find the yoga studio. It’s called ‘Radiantly Alive’. I had no trouble finding it but by this time I had blisters on my feet and a belly that is not happy, so I found a cafe, sat down and just felt the tears welling up.

To be honest,  the old ‘tears thingy’ has been happening to me quite a bit lately.  I guess some of this was because I was unwell and tired, but the other thing is, because I have had plenty of time to just sit and connect with my spiritual side, the tears have been flowing. Maybe this place has taken a hold of me already!

I also went to a Gentle Flow yoga class last night. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘gentle’! The teacher took us through a combination of poses with Qi Gong movements and breathing/meditation.  He asked if anyone in the class was in Bali for the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and of course I put my hand up, and because he had already noticed me helping someone else to set up, he called me the ‘helpful one’. The music was playing a song I play in my classes and in my car. It was very inspiring. At that moment I felt my soul stirring, and I knew without a doubt, it was confirmation I was meant to be here, I am in the right place.  And what do you know?  The tears started again?  As the class progressed the teacher adjusted, corrected and talked his way through the movements and crikey, was he a task master. I was certainly not above correction, and, oh my goodness, my body had its fair share of troublesome spots. My leg I injured last week was not happy, I had bad alignment, and I was collapsing through the thoracic spine. Yikes, I certainly have some work to do!

So it’s now Day 2 and I’m still feeling a bit flat. The place I am staying at is not quiet. Roosters crow, dogs bark and children cry – a cacophony of sound. I’m just heading out to a sky yoga therapeutic class. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?  Providing I haven’t launched my self  into ‘the never never land’ I’ll tell you all about it soon.

It’s time to leave this beautiful island

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. Jason Crandell

Just when I am getting this ‘relaxation thingy’ under my belt, it is time to leave for my next adventure. Goodbye Mahagiri Resort –  I will miss you – the food, the people, my trusty scooby scooter and I will treasure the quietness and peace that has enabled me to think – it’s been fantastic.  By the time you read this I will have landed in Singapore where I will be staying for a couple of nights before heading back to beautiful Bali to start my first yoga course. Why Singapore? Well …. because I will be in Bali longer than the sixty days my visa allows, I need to leave Bali and re-enter again. Once I do this I can extend my visa. What the heck – Singapore is a fab city to visit – shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Losing all sense of time has its benefits. At the resort time is irrelevant – things will simply get done when they get done. It took a few days to settle into ‘doing nothing’. I felt quite fearful about not having a schedule and had to force myself to take these feelings to my mat. As I meditated, I began to notice another island – a place I had not visited for quite sometime – my soul, the real me.  I have a hunch it is only in this place that I will discover who I am without my busyness.

I enjoyed a fabulous yoga class called ‘Serenity Yoga ‘ which was just a hop, skip and a jump away from the resort. With lots of time for ‘thinking’ I have given lots of mindful thought into ideas I would like to bring back to NZ.  Yoga dance, sky yoga (in hammocks) also known as ‘Aerial yoga’ –  I have an opportunity to experience all of these in both my courses and I would love to add these to my classes. Until then it’s head down and bum up, both literally and physically, as I continue to practice my yoga and wade my way through copious course notes. Talk soon.




Letting go of the schedule

Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens.
[Carl Jung]

I am finding it quite difficult to decide what to do first, especially when I wake up in the morning, I have not altogether let go of ‘the schedule’ to just be in the moment.  I  find myself huffing, puffing, harrumphing and finger tapping while I try to settle. My mind goes into over-drive with endless nonsensical thinking. Doing nothing. I read somewhere that doing nothing is the most productive activity you will ever undertake.  It sounds both simple and fabulous, with thoughts of lazy days at the beach, maybe a deserted island in Bali somewhere!  But doing nothing is a lot harder than it sounds. Who am I without my busyness? It’s a good question to start with. Something for me to work on I think!

Have felt a bit like the walking woundedView-2 over the last couple of days. A visit to the doctors with an ear infection and a pulled thigh muscle from an overly ambitious yoga practice, sees me confined into the realm of ‘gentle activity’ for a few days. So with this in mind I took a motorbike for a spin today over the hill to another island and hung out at a place called ‘The Palms’. Lovely day with amazing views. Ahem…… a little pic of me doing nothing.

Have got my GoPro with me and have been taking a few videos which I will publish shortly. I’m having a few difficulties downloading but will get my head round this and hopefully you will get to see just how beautiful Bali is. I’m staying at a lovely resort called Mahagiri Resort. The gorgeous, white-sanded beach around the resort is called Light House Beach and I highly recommend the place. The people, the service … everyone going out of their way to help. I wish you were with me.

Till we speak again…….



Patience, gratitude and stepping stones

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave. [ReadQuote]

I’m here in Bali! After a frantic couple of weeks my Eat, Pray, Love journey has finally begun.

It’s hard to describe all the feelings swirling around on the inside  – scared, exited, vulnerable, and anxious – as I step out of my comfort zones and onto the next stepping stones. I’ve had a couple of minor curve balls thrown at me so far and although they were only small, they did test my patience. I had to burrow deep to find the good in all things! What do you do when your bag goes missing and you have no clothes or toiletries? Well you just make do – and thankfully you can have a giggle with friends back home as they bring a lightness to the whole experience. Plus purchase ‘essentials’ to keep your dignity while you’re waiting! Thankfully my bag has now arrived.

For the next week I will be resting and relaxing before I begin my first yoga training which is a month long Vinyasa Flow course. I’m taking this time to read course texts and to reflect on what I want to get of this journey.  Why am I doing this?’ What is really important to me?  Well …. I am here to explore my gifts. to gain more knowledge so I can give back as a teacher in the most subtle of ways – to love more and be more compassionate, especially to myself.  To see, not with my eyes, but from my heart, and allow everything to unfold as it needs to, giving permission to life to show me the opportunities as I move forward stepping onto the stones of my own path. Letting go, trusting and having faith that it is as it should be. I’m not sure how you learn all this but I suspect this is going to be very much an inside-out journey and I find comfort in knowing you are walking on this journey with me.


Packing my life into a suitcase

You have to get lost before you can be found – Jeff Rasley

FullSizeRender (1)

Talk about anxiety!!! What shall I take? What shall I leave behind? There’s something symbolic about packing your life into a suit case, but for the life of me, right at this moment, I can’t think what it is. So much to do! And between you and me … guess who had to apply for an URGENT passport. I think I feel a tree pose coming on!

Yogini on the loose

I’m on a journey of self and worldly discovery.  Join me on my journey as I explore and delve into the expansive abyss of life. I see these stepping stones floating above the earth paving the way for my journey. But they will only appear as I step onto them. They are suspended by faith and trust, allowing the journey to unfold as it is meant to. Knowing that you are with me in spirit, through the eyes of my blog, is comforting and I thank you for this. Now let’s go…