It’s all been worth it!

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All done!  Whew!  Two training’s in two months. What was I thinking? The above picture tells my story far better than I can – hours of yoga training, fabulous friends, fabulous food and the reward at the end. Has it been worth it?  Every low moment, each and every muscle ache (there were plenty of those), all the letting go of whatever needed to be released and the amazing self discoveries along the way, every damn minute was worth it. Yes, feeling proud of myself!

So I have completed and successfully gained two certifications – one in Pure Vinyasa Flow and the other in Hatha Yoga. The beauty of these practices is that it brings a balance, they compliment each other and for me that’s important – we are never the same on any given day and being mindful of this allows us to practice balance, listening to our bodies and needs for each day


I left NZ searching not only for knowledge and experience, but I was also on a journey to understand, and quell if need be, a longing and panic that threatened to swamp and crush my every waking moment. My experiences in the last two months have been a balancing act of strength ( mind & body ) stamina and rest. My biggest challenge was to not put so much physical energy into my practices, observing more rather than doing more – ‘being rather than doing’ . These last couple of months have gifted me more than I could have ever imagined and the self discoveries, aligning the person I am on the outside, with my soul on the inside, have indeed been precious. I must not forget this part will always be a life-long journey.


My 200 YTT  Hatha Teacher Training classmates – [L-R] Me; Johanna (Germany); Katerina (Portugal); Gina (USA); Lily – in front (Australia); Niki – leaning on Lily (Bali); Lyana (Malaysia)
It did go fast. I’m sad to leave my Hatha friends, but I am ready to leave now, at least for the moment. The end of the second course was a great feeling. There were some great ‘time out’ moments on the course. A couple of my favourite moments was a beautiful sunset sail and spending time with the children/teens from the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage.

I’m in the U.K at the moment for a bit of sightseeing and rest and then I’m off to the Cayman Islands for a wee break in the sunshine. Isn’t life fabulous? After this I will head back to NZ, arriving on the 22nd November and at this stage, all things going to plan, will leave again on the 16th December. More on this soon. I am so looking forward to seeing friends and family for a catch-up.

Love to you all
Aum and Namaste.


Author: estelleyogini

On a journey of self and worldly discovery. Exploring, delving into the abyss of life. I see stepping stones, although they only appear as I step onto them, floating above the earth, suspended by faith and trust. Allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to, let's go!

2 thoughts on “It’s all been worth it!”

  1. Wow … wow … wow!!! Your blog makes me smile. Thinking of you lots, and lots to tell – but not here on a public forum. I hope you’ll find some time to catch up when you are here in November. Looking forward to stories of the UK and Caymans. Much love Robyn x


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