Flying high!

Well we started week three with being blindfolded for class. Wow!  What an experience. Both liberating and challenging. In this exercise we had to allow the senses to kick in and just trust in what we were doing.  When you practise blindfolded, your gaze is forced to go inwards. You have to be guided by how the posture feels and not what it looks like. With your blindfold on, you fully tune into the teacher’s instructions, and completely feel the placement of your body on the mat and in space. This enhanced concentration brings much greater presence and mindfulness to your practice.

We finished off day-one of week-three with a beautiful roll and release class with James, Roll and release practice is a pathway to healing and flexibility, letting go of tensions and pains. Oh my goodness! What a great way to end a day’s training and something I will definitely bring to my classes on my return.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the week has been ‘Sky Yoga’.  We all enjoyed it immensely. It was my first time and I had been looking forward to it ever since I saw it featured on our course programme.  if you ever have the opportunity to try Sky Yoga, do it! There are many other names for it, aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga, flying yoga etc.  It combines the traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock.

EstelleandalignmentteacherHere’s a pic of one of my fabulous instructors, Sanna.  She is our dynamic yoga teacher, lives here in Bali, but is from Finland. Sanna is my age and she is an incredibly inspiring strong woman, She has also been taking us for our philosophy classes, What a character!

I can’t believe I’m heading into my final week of Course 1.  What a mind blowing month it has been.  I am finding my edge and feels good to be able to approach my yoga with so much more fitness and confidence. I hope you’re keeping up with your yoga practice – you will never regret it. Till next blog – Ooom and Namaste

Author: estelleyogini

On a journey of self and worldly discovery. Exploring, delving into the abyss of life. I see stepping stones, although they only appear as I step onto them, floating above the earth, suspended by faith and trust. Allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to, let's go!

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