The ups and downs of a yogini

Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living.  [Travis Bark]

I’m tried to cram as much as I could into my two day visit into Singapore (Sentosa Island) and as you can see I was busy. There was the Butterfly Exhibit, Mega Zip, Aquarium, Cable car and Luge. I loved the Mega Zip; it was exhilarating. It’s similar to a flying fox and the view was exceptional. All I wanted to do was flying yoga! Yeeehaaa!

Talk about coming back down to earth with a thud. I arrived back in Bali to Ubud only to find the accommodation I had booked weeks ago, had been double-booked and was not available. This was really upsetting for me because I had chosen the accommodation because of its proximity to my course. I was taken to alternative accommodation but had no idea where I was and how to get to my course. So yesterday I took myself for a walk to find the yoga studio. It’s called ‘Radiantly Alive’. I had no trouble finding it but by this time I had blisters on my feet and a belly that is not happy, so I found a cafe, sat down and just felt the tears welling up.

To be honest,  the old ‘tears thingy’ has been happening to me quite a bit lately.  I guess some of this was because I was unwell and tired, but the other thing is, because I have had plenty of time to just sit and connect with my spiritual side, the tears have been flowing. Maybe this place has taken a hold of me already!

I also went to a Gentle Flow yoga class last night. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘gentle’! The teacher took us through a combination of poses with Qi Gong movements and breathing/meditation.  He asked if anyone in the class was in Bali for the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and of course I put my hand up, and because he had already noticed me helping someone else to set up, he called me the ‘helpful one’. The music was playing a song I play in my classes and in my car. It was very inspiring. At that moment I felt my soul stirring, and I knew without a doubt, it was confirmation I was meant to be here, I am in the right place.  And what do you know?  The tears started again?  As the class progressed the teacher adjusted, corrected and talked his way through the movements and crikey, was he a task master. I was certainly not above correction, and, oh my goodness, my body had its fair share of troublesome spots. My leg I injured last week was not happy, I had bad alignment, and I was collapsing through the thoracic spine. Yikes, I certainly have some work to do!

So it’s now Day 2 and I’m still feeling a bit flat. The place I am staying at is not quiet. Roosters crow, dogs bark and children cry – a cacophony of sound. I’m just heading out to a sky yoga therapeutic class. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?  Providing I haven’t launched my self  into ‘the never never land’ I’ll tell you all about it soon.

Author: estelleyogini

On a journey of self and worldly discovery. Exploring, delving into the abyss of life. I see stepping stones, although they only appear as I step onto them, floating above the earth, suspended by faith and trust. Allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to, let's go!

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