Patience, gratitude and stepping stones

It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave. [ReadQuote]

I’m here in Bali! After a frantic couple of weeks my Eat, Pray, Love journey has finally begun.

It’s hard to describe all the feelings swirling around on the inside  – scared, exited, vulnerable, and anxious – as I step out of my comfort zones and onto the next stepping stones. I’ve had a couple of minor curve balls thrown at me so far and although they were only small, they did test my patience. I had to burrow deep to find the good in all things! What do you do when your bag goes missing and you have no clothes or toiletries? Well you just make do – and thankfully you can have a giggle with friends back home as they bring a lightness to the whole experience. Plus purchase ‘essentials’ to keep your dignity while you’re waiting! Thankfully my bag has now arrived.

For the next week I will be resting and relaxing before I begin my first yoga training which is a month long Vinyasa Flow course. I’m taking this time to read course texts and to reflect on what I want to get of this journey.  Why am I doing this?’ What is really important to me?  Well …. I am here to explore my gifts. to gain more knowledge so I can give back as a teacher in the most subtle of ways – to love more and be more compassionate, especially to myself.  To see, not with my eyes, but from my heart, and allow everything to unfold as it needs to, giving permission to life to show me the opportunities as I move forward stepping onto the stones of my own path. Letting go, trusting and having faith that it is as it should be. I’m not sure how you learn all this but I suspect this is going to be very much an inside-out journey and I find comfort in knowing you are walking on this journey with me.


Author: estelleyogini

On a journey of self and worldly discovery. Exploring, delving into the abyss of life. I see stepping stones, although they only appear as I step onto them, floating above the earth, suspended by faith and trust. Allowing the journey to unfold as it needs to, let's go!

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